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Certificate III in Dance (CUA30120)

Are you eager to take your dance journey to new heights? Explore our transformative CUA30120 Certificate III in Dance program!

  • Duration: Embark on this enriching journey spanning (insert number of) weeks, blending immersive theory sessions with captivating studio dance classes.
  • Teaching Focus: Designed for dancers aspiring to teach, this course offers training in teaching methods and teamwork.
  • Genre Mastery: 3 dance genres to specialise in during the course, adding depth to your dance expertise.
  • Validation for Dance Enthusiasts: Validate your studio class participation and log hours toward your qualification, all with the support of your dance instructors.
  • Course Highlights: Topics include Participation in Various Dance Genres, Designing Performance Spaces, Assisting Teachers, Project Management, Choreography Techniques, CPR and First Aid Certification courses.

and more.

Certificate 3 in Dance
Certificate 3 in Assistant Dance Teaching

Certificate III in Assistant Dance Teaching (CUA30320) - Ages 14+

Ready to assist in dance teaching and enhance your skills? Dive into our CUA30320 Certificate III in Assistant Dance Teaching program!

  • Duration: Achieve your certificate in just 12 months, with 40 weeks of theory complemented by weekly studio dance classes.
  • Teaching & Leadership: Learn to assist in teaching, develop choreography skills, and lead effectively in a team.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Cover a wide range of topics, from health and safety to studio planning, musical medley creation, lighting concepts, anatomy, self-care, and more.
  • Hands-On Learning: This course is facilitated in our studio, with your regular dance class hours counted toward your qualification.
  • Course Highlights: Topics include Teaching Assistance, Choreography Analysis, Leadership Skills, Studio Safety, Planning Classes, Designing Performance Spaces, Career Planning and CPR and first Aid Certification courses.

Join us on a dance journey like no other, and set your sights on a future filled with dance excellence! Enrol today! πŸ’ƒπŸ•ΊπŸŒŸ

Certificate IV in Dance Teaching and Management (CUA40320) - Ages 16+

This National Qualification can be achieved in 12 months and is designed for dancers or dance educators that are serious about a career in dance teaching or leadership in the dance industry. Students studying this course in our studio, must attend weekly live online theory classes with the Empowerdance trainers.

This course has been mindfully constructed for the dance teacher to explore their full potential in a course that is nurturing, industry relevant, with a clear focus on the goals and future vision of the student. This course ensures that the student is ready to take on a career in the performing arts by giving them the tools and experience to embody their vision of success, whatever that may look like for the individual. The course covers a range of topics to ensure that upon successful completion, the student is ready to take on a leadership role in a studio or business.

Entry requirements: To be successful in this course, students must be physically and mentally able to undertake the qualification. Students must be able to demonstrate a range of technical and choreographic skills as well have some teaching experience – either assistant teaching or be employed to teach at least one class in a dance studio. Students must be at least 17 years old and have at least 4 years of dance experience. The course has been specifically crafted to ensure that the student meet the standards of the industry, with the intention of them reaching their ultimate goals in the industry.

Students are expected to have their studio hours logged with their teachers and mentors for this course. Certificate IV in Dance Teaching and Management students are assessed in a workplace setting, such as your studio.

Some of the topics in this Certificate include:

  • Class planning, purposing, and leading with confidence and certainty
  • Choreography skills and analysis for each genre
  • Effective leadership skills, while creating safe environments for mental and physical health of students – Choreography mastery
  • Planning classes for student retention
  • Designing performance spaces
  • Anatomy and the human body systems
  • Self-care and self-awareness
  • Make up, hair and costumes
  • Career planning
Certificate 4 in Dance Teaching